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Soul Source is a Proud Supporter of the Long Island Beauty Ball

On Monday, October 30th, Soul Source was proud to participate in the Long Island Beauty Ball, an annual fund-raising event for Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Foundation. Mondays at Racine provides free beauty and wellness services to people living with cancer.  Every Monday, sisters Rachel DeMolfetto and Cynthia Sansone open their business, Racine Salon & Spa in Islip, New York, to provide their services free of charge to people enduring cancer treatments. After witnessing the emotional difficulties that their mother, Mildred DeMolfetto, suffered during her struggle with breast cancer,  Rachel and Cynthia started opening their salon in 2003 once a...

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New Book - The Complete A to Z for Your V

A Women's Guide to everything you ever wanted to know about your vagina: Health, Pleasure, Hormones and More.   Everything you always wanted to know about being a woman, but didn’t know whom to ask. Breaking the mold on women’s health guides, The Complete A to Z for Your V  is a new book that tells women of all ages what they need to know about their own unique health as a woman. Whether you are researching a specific issue or just want a go-to reference for yourself, your daughter, your niece, or your partner, this book offers it all...

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Sex After Baby- 4 Reasons Why It Can Hurt and What To Do About It

Jessica Reale, PT, DPT, WCS Why is painful sex after childbirth so overlooked in healthcare? Why do so many women feel like they just have to live with this as a normal “consequence” of having a baby?  This past fall, I went through the craziest initiation process to join one of the most exclusive clubs out there: Motherhood. It has been an incredible and humbling journey for me, especially as a health care provider who specializes in helping women with problems they experience while pregnant and postpartum. Becoming a mother has allowed me to experience and witness first-hand many of...

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Soul Source Donates Dilators to Malawi

Soul Source is proud to again donate dilators and personal lubricants to the Baylor College of Medicine's Global Women's Health Fellowship. Dr. Rachel Pope has committed to 2 years to work in their clinic in the sub-Saharan African country of Malawi, treating women with obstetric fistula.  Fistula occurs when the baby’s head is too big to pass through the bones of the mother’s pelvis. In high-resource settings, a woman in this situation would immediately go in for a caesarean delivery. In low-resource settings, women go into labor in remote villages far from a health care facility, in a hospital or health...

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What We Do and Don't Know About Vaginal Dilators

Leslie R. Schover, PhD       Vaginal dilators have been around in one form or another for at least 50 years. When I first worked as a psychologist/sex therapist in a major cancer center in the early 1980s, women getting pelvic radiation therapy got a dilator that looked like a hard plastic candle. The nurses told them to put surgical jelly on the dilator, and to put it in their vagina several times a week to prevent damage from scar tissue. Before that, I’d worked with dilators in sex therapy for women who had severe anxiety about vaginal penetration,...

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